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I graduated from Aberdeen University in 1980 and became a partner at another firm in 1987. I then went on to be a founding partner at Plenderleath Runcie in 1998.

I’ve been working with private clients since my traineeship. Throughout my career, I’ve worked in estate agency and conveyancing, wills and now I focus on corporate and commercial (acquisitions and disposals) and commercial property. I’m also a member of the Society of Advocates in Aberdeen.

Outside of work, I’m a keen motorsport enthusiast (hill climbs and sprints) and I’m a former Highland Speed Champion. Plenderleath Runcie is proud to sponsor the Highland Speed Championships which promotes sprinting and hillclimbing racing in the North of Scotland. I’m also involved in training with the Motor Sports Association (MSA). I enjoy skiing and sailing, and am also a qualified shooting range officer.

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